T-Rex Dino Runner

T-Rex Dino Runner

Online game from Google Chrome browser

The game with a dinosaur jumping over cacti and pterodactyls first appeared in the Google Chrome Canary browser in 2014.
The page with the game opened when your internet connection was interrupted. Initially, the dinosaur does nothing on the page, but if you press the spacebar, the up arrow, or tap the screen from your phone, the game will start.
For a long time because of this, few people knew about the game.

Click on the screen (for mobile devices), on the "space" or the up or down arrow to start the game. If the game doesn't work, try opening it in a Chromium-powered browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave).

About the game

To jump as a dinosaur, press the spacebar or up arrow, tap the screen if you have a mobile device.
After the game starts, the dinosaur will start running. To jump over the cacti, you need to press the "space / up arrow / touch the screen" again.
The speed of the game will gradually increase, and it will become more and more difficult to jump over cacti. When you score 400 points, flying dinosaurs - pterodactyls - will appear in the game. They can also be jumped over or, if you're playing on the computer, you can duck by pressing the down arrow.
The game with the «Runner» genre is endless, the longer you manage to hold out, the cooler it is.

The dinosaur's name is T-Rex, which is the name of a single species of tyrannosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex. Rex is Latin for king. The average individual was much larger than both pterodactyls and cacti.

Unlike other similar services, here the "innards of the game" are closed from free access. Therefore, simple cheats from the network will not work. This will be especially useful when the ranking system comes in.

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